Speciality Lubricants For Industry




R.I.L. Lubricants blends its products in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited blending facility which compliments all other facets of our business. Furthermore, we have a capability for product development where we can address problems and modify formulations for local conditions. Our technical department also offers technical service and advice on all our products.

R.I.L. Lubricants is driven by international standards relevant to health and safety and the environment. Our products are designed to perform without compromising the user or workplace.

R.I.L. Lubricants is a high service-orientated unit which takes care of all the service demands of its customers. All deliveries are expedited from our own managed warehouse facility with easy access to all major industrial areas.

R.I.L. Lubricants offers an on-site Fluid-Care Management Service. Soluble fluids are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that optimum product performance & economies are achieved.

R.I.L. Lubricants has a fully equipped laboratory to conduct a full spectrum of analysis on oils and regular condition monitoring for fluids in use.